Skin Care Solutions For Extremely Sensitive Skin

Fotolia_46118419_Subscription_XXLIt could be so irritating to have sensitive skin because sometimes it feels like there are so many restrictions. The truth is that it is all about discipline and moderation. Anything done extreme is not good for the health in general anyway, so imagine that to your sensitive skin. If you are tired of waking up every morning having to face the mirror with your pimples and blackheads getting in the way of your supposedly clear face, then here are the things that would help you finally go out of your house wearing a fresh one.

  • Diligence With Skin Care- Don’t be lazy about it at all. You must learn how to wash, tone and moisturize twice a day if you have sensitive skin. Some people wonder why they are not achieving a healthy skin when they don’t really even make an effort to keep it clean. There are no excuses, it is a must to do this and don’t skip on the process. This is for the benefit of your own face so do whatever it takes.
  • Sleep- It is not healthy to stay up late anyway. Make sure that you sleep at night because that is the time when your body repairs everything that needs to be repaired from a whole of work. Sleeping on time will address skin issues fast and it is even something way better than any product could give you. Your skin cells will be refreshed and you will notice that your pimples would slowly clear up when you continuously do it every night for the next 6 months. Try this challenge and you will see results. Shut down all your gadgets and sleep. You need it more than update your Facebook status or Twitter because those could wait until the next day.
  • Citrus- Make sure that you don’t go a day without taking vitamin c or eating your citrus. The ingredients from citrus products help kill the bacteria present in your pimples so you won’t have to deal with them any longer. Instead of greasy junk foods, change your snacking habits to eating oranges, ponkan and other fruits that are also rich in Vitamin C.
  • Exercise Regularly- The keyword here is regularly and not just whenever you want it. Be diligent about your workout schedule because that contributes a lot to your skin’s condition. The right blood flow from your body will cascade to the health of your skin, giving you a healthy glow.

These things are simple but most of the time neglected by a lot of people so don’t be one of those. Create a life of discipline and be consistent. It could take a while for your body to get used to having a routine but consistency is key here to achieve the flawless skin that you want. You could also visit your dermatologist regularly for check up to see what else needs to be done to maintain having a clear skin.


Self-help Treatments For Your Pimples

674564654564564-(4)We all know how annoying pimples can be and how they could lower our self-esteem. It is not healthy that they stay there for so long as well. If you have an upcoming job interview, it is best to have a clear skin so your interview won’t draw attention on your face but rather on your skills and how good you are for the job. Because let’s face it, looks still matter so better to be presentable and neatly looking to get that dream job that you want.

There are many ways to solve it and one of which are self-help treatments. This means you don’t need to go to the doctor, which could be expensive sometimes. All you have to do is follow these guides that would help you treat pimples on your own.

  • Food Intake- Reduce a bit of dairy products in your diet as well as sweets. Studies show from New York University that if your diet compromises a lot of those said products, expect to have pimples as well. So if you want your pimples gone, take it easy on sugar and dairy. We are not saying to completely stop them, but regulate them.
  • Hygiene- No matter what happens, don’t forget to wash your face. Don’t go out of the house without doing it especially don’t dare sleep without doing it. Not washing your face before going to sleep after you have been exposed to dirt and other harmful elements could really increase the amount of pimples on your skin.
  • Never Pop a Pimple- There are many dangers on popping a pimple. It is best to remove them naturally or have a skin doctor do it for you, but don’t dare do it on your own. Others could be cystic and be cancerous in nature so don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  • Touch- As much as possible, try not to touch your face especially when you don’t exactly remember what your hands have last touched. It takes a lot of discipline to do that, not to mention awareness. Because we know that you could sometimes be oblivious in doing it. But at least monitor your hand and when you feel the urge on touching your face, stop it.
  • Wash Your Hands- Make sure that your hands are always clean. Use some hand sanitizers or alcohol to clean it so you are safe from bacteria entering your skin that could cause pimples and dirt.
  • Pull Your Hair Up- Your hair contains elements that could also affect your face in gaining pimples, especially when it is exposed to dirt. Make sure to tie it up that it won’t barge on your facial area.

These things are fairly to be applied in your lives, so you won’t have to deal with pimples. You can definitely handle these things on your own and you don’t need and dermatologist to manage these. Bookmark this page and share it with your friends, so they too could do this to themselves.


Prescription Drugs For Skin Treatment

acne-medication-estrogenBy now you have learned self-treatment, over-the-counter drugs for skin problems, it is time to learn what dermatologists usually give people who have skin problems. We don’t encourage you to go ahead and diagnose yourself using this article and buy the drug for yourself. Plus, you will still need a prescription from your doctor anyway so don’t get too excited. This is just so you are informed as well. There are dangers on buying prescription drugs without your doctor’s consent so be careful of that.

  • Antibiotics- Most of the time, for extreme cases of acne, doctors prescribe antibiotics. This will heal up their wounds and kill the bacteria from its root. They are also usually taken orally so the medicine could address the problem immediately, as it goes right to the core of the issue. Tetracyclines are the ones that doctors usually prescribe their patients who are suffering from some skin problems due to bacteria. These are not to be taken by pregnant women and those who breastfeeding their babies. They are given erythromycin instead, which by the way, could also be used topically. It would really depend on the doctor’s prescription and what could be best for the certain case.
  • Birth Control Pills- The estrogen present in this medication is the reason why pimples could slow down. If you are taking them, then you are in luck to gain a smooth and clear skin like what girls are supposed to have. Doctors do prescribe them sometimes but they make sure that the patient knows the possible side effects like hypertension, blood clotting and other heart problems. But if you don’t really have any record related to your heart, then you could be safe taking it. You must still check it with your doctor because it varies from one person to another.
  • Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion- These are definitely something that should only be done and handled by a professional. Don’t go out there looking for formulas to do this on your own because it wouldn’t be wise nor is it safe. It could even cause further damage to your skin if not right. This involves rejuvenating your skin and taking away all dead cells that causes the increase of your pimples and other acne. The substance use for this treatment is usually available directly from your doctors. They will do the procedure on your face as well, so let them handle it.

These are the three prescription drugs that are usually associated in treating skin problems like pimples and acne. If you think that you have some serious case going on, it is best to consult your doctor immediately and don’t lag about it. The earlier your skin problem is diagnosed, the earlier the solution would be made. You don’t have to be scared on the process because professionals will handle you anyway, so just trust them that they will do their job well. And again, don’t dare take antibiotics on your own without your doctor’s permission.